The great storm is over!  Seems only fitting that after writing about the rain, I should write about the flood.  We had a LOT of rain.  Talkeetna downtown is in a flood plain.  You can probably guess the result.  Thanks to many selfless volunteers the river was sent back into itself and the damage was kept to a minimum. I live on the hill so I didn’t have to worry about my house.  But many people watched as the waters rose around their homes.

Once again, I’m reminded that we plan and worry and life delivers what it will.  Often it’s not the stuff we planned and worried about!  But the human spirit is amazing.  More often than not, people count their blessings and realize that it “could have been worse”.  The sutras advise us to “practice and detach” in order to settle the mind and wait for right action to arise.  Whether the flood waters are literal or figurative, it’s good advice.


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