Yoga after Injury

I was amazed by how many people assumed I could no longer do yoga after I hurt my knee.  In truth, yoga was one of the few things I could do.  The style of yoga I practice (alignment based) is especially suited to adapting for injuries.  The use of props makes poses safe and comfortable.  It also helps with recovery.  I credit my yoga practice for the regaining of strength and flexibility in my knee post injury.

Whenever I need inspiration in yoga I go to the Yoga Sutras.  Often I start at the beginning.  The gist of the first sutra is NOW.  “Now begins the study of yoga”.  And, as I told my class yesterday, there is nothing like pain to put you in the now.  What I could do  in the past, or what I will be able to do in the future really doesn’t matter.

I wouldn’t wish injury on anyone but there are insights to be gained.  Yoga is a great tool for healing if it’s done wisely with patience and awareness.

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