Limping Towards Ananda

Here’s the deal, I broke my ACL 2 weeks ago.  It’s a common knee injury (as I’m finding out) and fortunately, it’s not as horrible as I first thought.  Yes, I was doing something stupid (trying to stand on my son’s wave board) and no, I didn’t get the memo that says you’re not supposed to do that type of thing once you turn 50!  

Surgery is a possibility but not a given for my specific injury.  Rehabilitation comes first.  Lucky for me, I practice adaptive yoga.  So here I am, limping in my student’s footsteps, and getting a first hand (or should I say “leg”?) understanding of how one gets off the floor, up the stairs, out of the car…. with a hurt knee.  My students have always been my teachers and that’s true now more than ever.  It has been humbling. I didn’t realize how much of my ego was in my knees.  

I am grateful that my teachers taught me that yoga is more than asana (poses).  Used skillfully, the poses can help us heal.  However, it’s the practice of awareness that is the real gift of yoga.  As the first yoga sutra states “now begins the practice of yoga”.  And isn’t that all we’ve really got?  

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