Brother in the Moon

Moon in the Brother

I remember years ago when my brother first left home and went out of state.  One night when I was especially missing him he told me I could always connect with him by gazing at the same moon.  Mind you, this was in the seventies and he called via pay phone.

Years later, we’re both far away from our original home.  A few years back, after he’d started doing yoga, he called (on his cell phone, probably) and told me about his yoga teacher and class.  Asking me stuff like “do you know the yoga names for the poses?” (Some of them, and ardha chandrasana is one of my favorites!).

I’ve been teaching half moon pose and its revolved variation in class lately.  And so we can continue to connect.  To my brother, to my breath, to my feet.

Brother in the moon, moon in the brother.  I love ya bro!  Now give it a twist!

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