Birthdays, Friends, Walrus, Skiing and Yoga (of course)


In case you’re wondering what all these things have in common, the answer is “the Oosik Classic Ski Race”.  This annual event is held in Talkeetna in March.  It’s a great time of year here and it’s a fun event.  I’ve participated in all the Oosik races in Talkeetna.  This year was special because it is the year that I (and a close friend) turn 50.  For the record, I’ve got a few months to go but my “older friend” had her birthday in February.  The celebration extended to the ski race.  Hence the pink and orange skirt which was race attire for all the skiing friends.  

It was fun to be part of a group celebrating the birth of a friend.  Made me realize how lucky I am.  I managed to finish my first 50 kilometer ski race and still be able to walk to my car afterwards.  I attribute my success to time on skis, help from my friends (with special thanks to my ski coach, Karen) and lots of yoga!  

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