Gratitude Practice

As the temperatures drop, okay, plummet if you’re here in Alaska, it makes sense that early winter is traditionally the season to reflect on one’s blessings.  Short cold days, long dark nights give one ample time to look inward. And yet, it’s easy to get caught up in the busy-ness of the holidays.

This past week the Talkeetna yoga community was fortunate to have Sarahjoy Marsh teach us.  Sarahjoy brings yoga philosophy alive in her classes.  She connects the teachings to our modern lives through her understanding of their essence and her ability to fuse them with the physical practice.  During our class time together she invited us to find the spaces between the activity.  Often the focus is on the movement, the sensation, the feeling, the sound.  But what about the empty bits?  Can we hear the silence?  Can we take refuge in the cessation of movement?

Those who know me, know that I’m not too keen on holidays (an understatement).  I resent the bustle, the consumerism and indulgence.  What would happen if I focused on the message, the underlying “reason for the season” as they say?  Hmm, not sure but I’m grateful for the chance to practice.   Thanks to all my teachers and students (who are also my teachers).


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