Seeking Calm in the Chaos

Why is it always so hard to take one’s own advice?  I find myself overbooked, and overwhelmed.  When I look around for someone to blame I realize that I did it to myself.  Hey, it’s easy to tell everyone else to set limits and all that.  So much harder to do it for oneself.  Fortunately this is the perfect setting for yoga.  To practice amidst the chaos.

It’s easy to be relaxed when there isn’t much to do and life is rolling along smoothly.  Not so easy when it isn’t.  But that’s exactly why we practice when life is good.  So we can tap into our inner reserves when things start getting bumpy.

These mornings when I get up and roll out the mat, I observe my busy mind.  One mindful breath helps me remember that I am not  my jumbled thoughts or my list of things to do.  Inhale and exhale, forget and remember.  Again and again and again.

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