Foot Notes

I taught a foot workshop today.  Thanks to everyone who participated.  I learn so much from my students.  I’m grateful for their willingness to share their life experiences so we can all learn.  I initially decided upon using feet as a focus for January because it seemed like a good place to start.  As I reacquainted myself with the feet and their role in standing poses I became more and more enthusiastic about using feet as a place of awareness.  As we continue with our yoga studies in the months to come, we will build upon the wisdom of the feet.

Here’s an excerpt from an article titled “From the Ground Up” by Tias Little that appeared in  If you have foot issues, or would like to get more in tune with your feet, I encourage you to read it.

“As we free up our feet, we tap into a reservoir of potential energy. It is as if we are standing on wellsprings of life force that have been blocked by years of constrictive footwear, lack of use, and inhibition. We may be required to do a fair amount of “mining,” breaking through the calcified crystals that can form in impacted connective tissues in our feet. But this mining pays off eventually by uncovering sources of energy that can keep us vital and fluid through years of practice.”

Learn to stand firm, but don’t forget to kick up your heels once in a while.

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