Mid Winter Musings

This week started out with sub zero temperatures.  For Studio Z Yoga, that means no class.  The yurt is a fancy tent and when it gets more than 10 degrees below zero it becomes difficult to heat.  I like to tell people that it would be okay to live in the yurt at those temps but it’s hard to lay on the floor and relax when you’re cold (shiver-asana, anyone?).  I missed teaching earlier in the week and I’m glad to see that it’s warmed up enough so that I’ll be able to teach tomorrow.  Some folks might not think that 15 degrees is warm (like my Hawaiian brother!) but for mid winter in Talkeetna, it’s pleasant.

The focus for my January classes is the feet.  It’s been interesting to give them some attention both on and off the mat.  As I’ve been skiing these last few weeks, I’ve noticed that I can use the instructions of  mountain pose even with ski boots on, and ground my outer feet as I ski.  Ironically, I get better glide as I connect ski to snow.  Getting grounded doesn’t mean there’s no movement.  There’s a freedom that comes from stability.  It’s one of the lessons I continue to learn as I grow in my life and practice.

In February, we’ll keep exploring this idea stability and freedom.  It can inform poses, breathing, and our lives.  How much are we willing to do to make things better?  I often tell my students “it’s more work, but it feels better”.  Life here is often that way.  Harder (especially at 20 or 30 below zero) but worth the effort.

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