Ease into the New Year feet first

Usually, at the beginning of the year I like to go back to the basics.  When I was thinking about the focus for my January classes it seemed like it might be good to start from the bottom.  In standing poses, that means the feet.  Of course it’s important to know what your feet are doing when they’re over your head as well.

So, for the month of January we will be looking at the feet and how they influence our standing posture.  Many problems involving the ankles, knees, hips and backs can be traced to the feet.  Also, foot problems such as bunions and fallen arches can be addressed by changing how we bear weight on the feet.

Whether you do yoga with me, have your own practice, or are new to yoga, I encourage you to take good care of your feet.  Observe how you stand and walk.  Look at your footprints in the snow (or sand if you’re lucky!) and notice if your feet track straight ahead.  Be sure your shoes fit well.  Spend time barefoot.  Stretch your toes and your soles.  By creating a base that’s “steady and comfortable” you will have a better foundation to stand on.

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