An encouraging word

A few years ago, a friend introduced me to the idea of choosing a word to inspire the year instead of making a New Year’s resolution.  Since I’ve never really been into resolutions and choosing a word sounded like more fun, I thought I’d try it.  In fact, the word I chose was “fun”.

This year a group of us got together and shared our “words for 2011”.  Most agreed that resolutions were set ups for failure.  Having a word that can inspire one’s actions or guide a decision seems more useful.  Our hostess thoughtfully wrote our words on index cards for us to take home.  It was a great idea since I forgot my word for 2010 (I hope it wasn’t  “remembrance”).

In yoga classes a teacher will sometimes choose a word or phrase as a theme for a class.  This can also be done when organizing a home practice.  I often focus on a sutra as a guide for my teaching.  One of my favorites is Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra 1.3.  The translation I prefer is “(when one is in a state of yoga) the seer dwells in their true splendor”.  As I write this, I realize that this sutra relates to my chosen word for 2011, which is “presence”.  Hmmm.

However you decide to frame the new year, I hope that you enjoy the wonder and splendor of your life.  Happy New Year.

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