The lunar eclipse, winter solstice and a big rock

On Monday night as the moon started to get a nibble out of the bottom of it, my family and I ventured down to the Susitna River at the end of Main Street.  We weren’t too surprised to see that quite a few people were already there.  At 10 below zero and 10 o’clock at night there was a crowd of revelers around a bonfire watching the lunar eclipse and celebrating one of the longest nights.  As I stood there surrounded by friends, I remembered why I chose to make this place my home.  From the moment I came to Talkeetna, I have been comforted by the sense of community here and the connection people have with nature.  Watching the lunar eclipse I was reminded that this is a place where people take time to share real experiences.

The next day our friends took us out to the glacial erratic that resides in the woods.  How lucky we are to raise our son in a place with people who delight in a big rock left by an even bigger sheet of ice.  Hiking and snowshoeing out to see this natural wonder was a fitting way to celebrate the shortest day and confirm our small place in this vast universe.

However you choose to celebrate this holiday season, I hope that you are able to take time to be with the people and experiences that bring you comfort and joy.  May all the blessings of the season be yours.


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