December Schedule

I’ll be teaching my regular Tues eve, Weds and Fri am schedule throughout the winter.  There are a few cancelled classes in December due to the holidays.


December 7th (Tues eve) – Elementary School Concert

December 15th (Weds am) – I’m helping with crafts at the Elementary School.  All you regular weds am yogis are welcome to come and do some service yoga there with me (I know the Grandmas will be there!)

December 24th (Fri am) – Christmas Eve

December 31st – New Year’s Eve


There will be a Sunday Workshop on December 12th, 10 am – noon.  This is an upper back workshop.

Winter Solstice Sun Salutes – I’d like to do 45 minutes of sun salutes & 15 minute meditation.  Is there interest?  Which date works better?  12/18 (sat am) or 12/21(tues either before or after class)

Enjoy the beauty of the season.

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