Opening your heart

We’ve been focusing on back bending this month at Studio Z.  Back bending has a lot of things going for it.  It is a therapeutic movement for the back, it’s energizing, and it give us more space in the heart center, both physically and emotionally.  Interestingly, the online Yoga Journal has been featuring back bends as well.  I think it’s a natural fit for this time of year to do poses that open the heart.  By practicing these challenging and rewarding poses we can get ready for the cold, dark times of winter.

Here’s some ideas for a back bend practice.

start with some sun salutes (include warrior I variations)

lengthen the quadriceps with reclining hero (if no knee injuries) or dancer

cobra and locust are great poses for developing back strength

bridge, bow and upward bow are more advanced backbends that will open the heart area

cool down with a few seated twists and forward bends


No matter how you organize your practice, be sure to include some time for self study and reflection.  Enjoy practicing yoga and make it your own.




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