Yoga with a Twist

I was thinking about fall and the energy of the change of seasons as I walked the dog this morning.  It’s our new routine (Lady, the beagle and mine) to escort Luke to the bus stop and then continue on for a longer walk.  Like most new routines, we haven’t done it enough times to even call it a routine!  But it’s my intention to do it until the mornings get dark and cold.  And that made me think of  action and intention.

Through a routine we can do actions which help us achieve our intentions.  Unfortunately, the word “routine” implies boredom sooner or later.  How do we create a yoga practice that is both familiar and fresh?

One way to put a “spin” on your yoga practice is to do twisted variations of common yoga poses.  Triangle, half moon, chair, and side angle all have twisted (revolved) variations.  As do inverted poses like headstand and shoulderstand.  I’ve often said in class that revolved triangle wouldn’t be nearly as difficult if we did it every time we did triangle pose.

This month in class we’ll explore some familiar poses and their twisted forms.  One of the benefits of twisting is that it develops the muscles that are necessary to keep the spine strong in its neutral posture.  Twisting is therapeutic for back pain and brings energy to the internal organs.  Go ahead, try something new and revolve your asana!  (I couldn’t resist).

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