August Schedule and Focus

I will be taking the week off next week so there will be no class on August 10, 11 or 13.  This is a good chance to start your home practice!  There are lots of resources if you are one of those yogis that forgets everything you know when you step on your mat at home.  There are podcasts online as well as suggested practices at the Yoga Journal website.  At the Talkeetna library there are a few yoga books, videos, and dvds.  My suggestion is to start with a few sun salutes and see what happens.  You don’t even need a mat – just the will to practice.

The August focus is core strength, particularly as it relates to the pelvic floor.  This is the basis of mula bandha and will help create stability in all your poses.  Some of the poses we’ll focus on this month include triangle, half moon, and seated forward bends.

I’m interested in hearing what you’d like to study this fall.  I’ll continue with my regular teaching schedule but would like to add another class.  Some ideas include a conditioning class, a beginners/gentle class, and an advanced class.  Let me know your interests and time and day preferences.  For example, are you interested in 60 or 90 minute classes?  morning or afternoon?  what day works best?

Thanks so much and enjoy your yoga.

2 thoughts on “August Schedule and Focus

  1. Hey Diane – I am glad you want to add a class. I try to get to Tuesday nights, but I can’t believe how many things come up for me on Tuesday nights. So, I don’t care what you add, but if you add it any time 11:00 am or later, I would have 2 chances to get to a class. If you had it on a day other than Monday or Wednesday, I might even get there twice a week. I know I’m in the minority, but I stay up late, and I have dog feeding chores in the am. I do manage to get to Sandy’s by 9:00 am, but the thought of thinking I could touch my toes at 9:00 am makes me laugh.

    p.s. I found abiding joy on my 60th birthday in hiking up the Cascade Trail at Byers Lake in the sunshine. I’m looking for it today but have to find it in simple things like all the junkos feeding for seeds? gravel? in our driveway after the rain.

  2. Hi Diane,

    I will be ready to return to your classes late August. I really have enjoyed and benefited from your 90 min. Wed morning class. Morning does work best for me.

    Have a safe trip.


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