Signs of Spring

In some places the harbingers of spring include tulips, budding trees, and other signs of life.  Here at Studio Z in Talkeetna, a sure sign of spring is when the yurt’s window coverings get rolled up.  As of today, all the windows are uncovered!  We even had the heat off and the door open during part of class.  There’s still snow on the ground in many spots, but the momentum sending us toward summer is palpable.

This time of year I like to remind my students to reconnect with their roots.  It’s easy to get caught up in the busyness of the long days of the Alaska summer.  And it’s fun.  But it’s important to keep some energy in reserve so that we don’t burn out before we reach summer solstice!

Our practice at Studio these last few weeks has focused on the spine.  As the spine aligns with its natural curves it becomes easier to connect with the flow of energy that moves along it.  The properly aligned yogi can start to send energy into areas that are lacking and encourage blocked areas to open up.  It’s not as hard as it may sound.  Our senses can help us become more aware of how we’re truly feeling.  With this awareness we hold the key to our own paths and healing.

This week in your practice try some standing poses like Triangle, Warrior II and Side Angle.  Bring the grounding energy of the earth up into your spine.  Let it enliven you as you send it up through your crown.  This can also be done in seated poses.  Use your practice to create the energy you need to support your wellness and inner Spring.

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