Where’s my head?

Sometimes when we’re in a yoga pose we spend so much energy keeping track of our feet, legs, core, and arms that we forget about our head!  We’ll be spending the next few weeks at Studio Z asking ourselves “where’s my head in this pose?” in order to get a better understanding of how the spine works as a whole.

Through practicing and teaching yoga I’ve learned that it is not useful to look at a body part in isolation.  In this case, we’ll be focusing our awareness on the entire spine and learning about how the ends of the spine (head and tail) influence each other.  For many of us, our heads are positioned too far forward.  By understanding how our spine supports us and developing strength from the pelvic floor up, we can correct our postures in a way that is sustainable.

As you do your poses, try noticing how your head and neck feel.  Play around with your head position in poses like triangle and other standing poses until you find the sweet spot.  After all, once you find your head don’t you want it to feel good?

One thought on “Where’s my head?

  1. Thanks D! This reminded me I should even hold my head up in proper posture as I read your writing! This is splendid, by the way.

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