Contemplating Desire

We’ve all heard it – “be careful what you wish for”.  This week in class I’ve been talking about desire and the role it plays in our life.  Like many people, I had always assumed that the “ultimate” goal was to be without desires.  However, desire is part of human nature and it leads us to many things which improve our lives both as a species and as individuals.  Rather than eliminating desire (or any other human trait), yoga teaches us ways to use it in our practice.  If we really pay attention we can discover our true desires, not those that have been thrust upon us.  Then our actions can be inspired by them.  In this way we can create the life that we truly want.

Take some time and think about what you desire.  Ask yourself if it’s what you really want and will cause no harm to yourself or others.  Then you can let it inform your thoughts, words, and deeds.  Not easy, but definitely worth the effort!

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