March Focus

This time of year in Alaska reminds me of how quickly things change.  Daylight has significantly increased in my brief time out of state.  Even though it happens every year, it catches me by surprise and I delight in it.  The transition from winter to summer is striking.  However, transitions are not always so obvious.  And they are not always welcome.

March’s asana focus at Studio Z Yoga is transitions.  How do we move from one asana to another and how do we stay present throughout our practice?  Linking poses together is one way to observe our habits, preferences, and aversions.  We can practice easing transitions by observing our body position, breath, thoughts, etc.

We aren’t always able to control life’s outcomes.  However, we often give up and slip into ruts, even when we know they won’t take us where we want to go.  One friend of mine used to say, “I’m just a twig in a stream”.  I invite you to put your paddle into the water and determine where you want to go.

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