On your own

One of the signs of a true commitment to yoga is having a home practice.  Even if a student takes 5 classes a week, it’s not the same as practicing on your own.  When you’re in a class, the teacher chooses the poses, the tempo, and the focus.  When you practice on your own, you are able to tailor your yoga to fit your needs.

So, why don’t more yoga students have a home practice?  Over the years, I’ve heard lots of reasons for not practicing at home.  Most of these obstacles (dare I say excuses?) are self imposed.  Often, there are simple solutions to them – the biggest one being to get on your mat whether you want to or not.  It doesn’t matter how many poses you know, how much time you have, how flexible you are, or any of the other reasons that keep you from practicing.  What matters is that you get on your mat, excuses and all, and watch what happens.  If you do this on a regular basis, you’ll observe that your obstacles start to lose their hold over you.  This is where the yoga begins.

Next week I’m going to visit my mom (okay, I admit that she’s in Hawaii) and I’ll be closing the studio from February 23rd to the 26th.  For those of you who come to my classes in Talkeetna, or anyone who has yet to start doing yoga at home, today is a perfect day to start your own practice.  Keep it simple.  Acknowledge your obstacles and get on your mat anyway!  Aloha and namaste.

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